Tony De Nonno
Tony De Nonno Filmmaker Tony De Nonno has produced, written, and directed more than fifty award-winning documentary films for American and worldwide audiences.
He takes us into the life of the person he is filming
in a seamless and intimate way.
By focusing his filmmaking eye on individuals of all ages and cultures, Tony De Nonno captures their rhythms, feelings
and essence, as they go about their daily life.
Tony De Nonno

 De Nonno has been praised by Janet Maslin of the New York Times for his
“...deft and impressive filmmaking” and for being “intuitively aware of the
subject’s uniqueness, individuality, and significance to society.”

 His films have been broadcast on almost every major American television network: ABC, NBC, CBS,
 Fox, HBO, PBS, USA, Showtime, and on TV stations worldwide.     (More, please scroll down)

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Through their thoughts, feelings, and life images, De Nonno’s first-person portraits weave an evocative story that reveal fundamental human values, truths, and issues of the time with a spirit, passion, and emotion that is truly compelling and sublime.

Playing the Violin “It’s just about impeccable. The camera is always where it should be. The man is treated with affection. And it’s very complete. You get a sense of his life. And there’s always something to look at.” -- Pauline Kael, legendary Film Critic, New Yorker magazine, commenting on Tony De Nonno’s documentary, “Part of Your Loving.”
Tony De Nonno’s documentary films honor the values, traditions,
and diversity of America. His films are in the permanent collection
of the Museum of Modern Art, alongside those of legendary
directors Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen.
He has received numerous “Outstanding Film of the Year” awards at the American, New York, London, Los Angeles, Australian,
and San Francisco Film Festivals.
He has also produced and/or directed more than twenty-five
television commercials and public service announcements.
Mr. De Nonno has directed three Off-Broadway plays
and has written two plays as well.
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Izthak Perlman teaches A songwriter and member of ASCAP, De Nonno has composed and/or co-written the musical score for more than fifteen documentary films. He has written the music and lyrics to more than two-dozen pop songs.
Whether it is film, video, drama, photographs, or song, Tony De Nonno is a storyteller with a visionary eye and heartwarming
humanity that touches a chord in all of us.